Thursday, 2nd March (Cambridge)

1. A bit of light reading for the weekend – not. Tony Blair and William Hague have co-endorsed (rather than co-authored, I think) a new report from Blair’s Institute for Global Change, A New National Purpose: Innovation Can Power the Future of Britain PDF of both the whole report and the three-page executive summary below. Give the summary a chance!

2. Another good one on ChatGPT that I’ve ‘borrowed’ from Stephen Downes’s OLDaily, The Problem is Not the AI by Steve Krause

3. Simon Borg doesn’t post on his blog so very often, but it’s always worth a read. Here’s his latest, on initial (or pre-service, as we used to call it) teacher education

4. A bit of a niche one, this, for the lexicographers amongst you: The A.S. Hornby Educational Trust is pleased to invite applications for the A.S. Hornby Dictionary Research Awards (ASHDRA) for 2023. Full details in the PDF below; closing date 14th April.

5. And, finally and powerfully, a poem by Elizabeth Bishop that I’d not come across before, In the Waiting Room PDF below as well, just in case.

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