Thursday, 23rd February

1. There’s a lot – a huge amount – on this Pearson page, Evidence about learning: discovering what works, how, and why One for the weekend over a cup of coffee, I suggest.

Maybe start with the Evidence about how to design learning experiences section at the bottom of the page, from which I’ve selected two PDFS at random, of which you’ll find copies below:

1. Attention and Cognitive Load

2. Motivation and Mindset

Click on the down arrow ˅ alongside each heading to reveal the goodies within.

2. Here’s Ben Goldstein’s latest blog post for DLA (Digital Learning Associates) on Multilingualism in language learning

His article has some good short video examples from DLA’s Ready to Run series, many of which are available free on the NILE members resource area (yes, I declare an interest!): here’s Thom Kiddle’s introductory YouTube video

3. Poignant stuff from the documentary film team at The Guardian, Ghosts of Moria: living in the ashes of Europe’s largest migrant camp

4. A feature of Literary Hub that I especially like is their ‘Book Marks’ section: here’s the harvest for the latest book by Salman Rushdie, ‘Victory City’

and there’s lots more recent books reviewed here Scroll down the page a bit.

5. And, finally, by popular request, another Flanders and Swann song, The Gnu Song

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