Thursday, 2nd February (Cambridge)

1. Three pieces from The Conversation that have caught my eye recently:

Seychelles is becoming overwhelmed by marine plastic – we now know where it comes from

This one includes a frightening video showing marine debris flows in the Indian Ocean

Sugary drinks tax may be reducing obesity in girls but not boys – an expert explains what we know

We drank gallons of ‘fizzy pop’ as children, my own two favourites being dandelion and burdock and limeade – I wonder if the former had ever seen a dandelion or a burdock, or the latter a lime?

Myanmar: two years after the military seized power the country is mired in a bloody civil war – but there are grounds for optimism

I’m ashamed to say I’d forgotten about the conflict in Myanmar until I bought a suit recently, which I found to my surprise had been made in Myanmar – sanctions notwithstanding, it would seem.

2. More from UnHerd, who I mentioned on Tuesday: this is the sad tale of the decline of Boston in Lincolnshire here in the UK And if you’ve time, skim the almost unanimously critical (of the piece) comments.

3. Something I’m never quite sure I really understand is what exactly it is that The Economist’s Big Mac Index tells us about economies around the world. “The British pound is 12.9% undervalued against the US dollar” – what should I do with this information, I wonder? Here’s this year’s

4. A New York Times ‘gift article’, a great photo-gallery, Gandhi’s Life in Photos, 75 Years After His Assassination

5. And, finally and profoundly, How Deep The Ocean Really Is from InsiderTech

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