Thursday, 12th January (Cambridge, just)

1. Climate Justice: what’s it got to do with ELT? The answer according to Green ELT is, ‘Quite a lot!’ Find out more here and register here for the event at 14:00 UK time next Friday, 20th January

2. I’ll continue to post occasional pieces on ChatGPT – I don’t think it’ll be going away anytime soon! Here’s the Brooking Institution’s take Has some good links to more excitable pieces in The Atlantic, such as The End of High-School English and The College Essay Is Dead.

3. Positively the first and last mention I’ll make of Spare, promise! Two of the more interesting pieces from the many published recently: one from The Conversation on the royal brand by a professor of marketing and, secondly, the New York Times book review

4. And, finally, some thoughts on national identity from the Serbian-American poet Charles Simic, who died earlier this week Samizdat PDF below just in case.

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