Thursday, 5th January (Cambridge, just)

1. Two from the TeachingEnglish site to start with:

a) A three-module, four-week, nine-hour course on Teaching English through literature, developed in partnership with Macmillan India

b) Maria Jose Galleno from Uruguay talking about effective strategies for enabling teacher reflection at 12:00 UK time on Thursday 12th January, Making it obvious – reflection that works

‘Reflective teacher practice’ is often paid lip service to; Maria Jose takes things a step further.

2. Starting next Friday, 13th January, there’s a whole free three-day (say that quickly) conference from the IATEFL YLT (Young Learners & Teenagers) SIG: more info here

If you’re a member of the YLTSIG, you can also sign up for a six-hour mini-course.

3. Day 2 of The New York Times Seven Day Happiness Challenge: The Secret Power of the 8-Minute Phone Call

Nice idea!

4. And, finally, a bee in the Cross bonnet, originating in my inability to even give away to a charity shop my CD collection:

a (quite technical) video, The Truth About Vinyl – Vinyl vs. Digital

and a (more accessible) article

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