Thursday, 22nd December (Richmond)

1. The T S Eliot Prize website is now very nearly complete, just the Yomi Ṣode videos missing, I think, and they should be up soon

Try these two poems, both short, read by their author:

James Conor Patterson reading his poem ‘london mixtape’

and Denise Saul reading ‘The Room Between Us’

All the videos here, including this year’s innovation, the Young Critics Scheme video reviews

2. I’ve not had time to explore fully this Mercator European Research Centre site yet but this page on Endangered languages and archives has caught my eye

Thanks to Sarah Breslin for bringing this site to my attention.

3. Here’s the Conversation Weekly podcast site

I’ve listened recently to this short series, Uncharted Brain: Decoding Dementia A bit close to home, but has helped me understand my mother’s condition.

4. And, finally, if you’re enjoying a holiday break this coming week, how about writing a short story?

Thanks to Thom Kiddle for this one.

The next ‘Free Resources’ message/post will be on Thursday 5th January – enjoy your holiday if you’re getting one!

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