Thursday, 13th October (Richmond)

1. Teachers can change the world: scaling quality teacher professional development is the title of a recent Brookings Institution blog post which raises a number of the issues to do with teacher impact, cost and supply and includes some useful links

like this Rand Corporation report, Teachers Matter: Understanding Teachers’ Impact on Student Achievement (PDF below as well)

and this very comprehensive World Bank piece, Teachers Be sure to click on the Strategy, Activities, Impact/Projects and Resources tabs at the beginning, too.

2. The October issue of HLT (Humanising Language Teaching) is out It includes

TESTING TIMES – A Special Boris Johnson Resignation Edition: The Boris Johnson Taxonomy of Failure Excuses from Geoff Tranter and

The Didactic Usefulness of Proverbs in ELT Classes from Azzeddine Bencherab & Cigdem Cetiner

One of my own all-time favourite lessons involved the comparison of English and Croatian proverbs: ‘Don’t prepare the barbecue while the rabbit is still in the forest’ in Croatian becomes ‘Don’t count your chickens till they’re hatched’ in English, and whereas ‘One swallow doesn’t make a summer’ in English, in Croatian the appearance of a single swallow doesn’t mean it’s spring!

3. I’m not on Facebook, so don’t always spot stuff there very quickly (or at all). Here’s a page of short and lively TeachingEnglish videos covering a wide range of professional development for teachers of English

4. And, finally, here’s Bernardine Evaristo’s Read Your Way Through London from yesterday’s New York Times

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