Tuesday, 27th September (Richmond)

1. There’s an Uzbek focus to many of the articles in the most recent issue of HLT (Humanising Language Teaching) https://www.hltmag.co.uk/aug22/

Try Principles of Teaching Karakalpak Students English Speech Etiquette by Zoya Sarsenbaeva and Zernegul Uteshova, which seems to me firmly and interestingly rooted in the local academic tradition https://www.hltmag.co.uk/aug22/principles-of-teaching-karakalpak-students PDF below as well.

2. Not quite round the clock but very nearly, and certainly round the globe, this year’s TeachingEnglish World Teachers’ Day Online Conference is this Saturday, 1st October, starting in Vietnam at 03.00 UK time and finishing in Mexico at 22.00 UK time. More info on the truly global programme and registration here https://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/article/world-teachers-day-online-conference-2022-schedule

The title of Lama Atoui’s session completely threw me for a while, though: Ditch Boring CPD: Capacity Building Through Gamified Micro-training – I was thinking holes in the ground.

3. Fancy a complete change of perspective and topic? Try How Shinzo Abe Changed Japan Forever from the Asia Scotland Institute at 14:00 UK time this Thursday, 29th September. More info and registration here https://asiascot.com/events/how-shinzo-abe-changed-japan-forever

4. And, finally, a thought-provoking post on Malcolm Gladwell’s blog, Princeton University Is the World’s First Perpetual Motion Machine: if you had a car that could run forever, would you still stop for gas? https://malcolmgladwell.bulletin.com/princeton-university-is-the-worlds-first-perpetual-motion-machine/

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