Thursday, 15th September (Cambridge)

1. A good ‘long read’ from The Guardian by Aida Edemariam, initially inspiring but ultimately depressing, ‘Parents are frightened for themselves and for their children’: an inspirational school in impossible times

“Children will do anything for a sticker” – but does that mean they’re a good thing?

2. Here’s an OUP blog post by Shigeru Yamada from Waseda University in Tokyo on the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary – Now and then, reviewing the changes in the OALD since A S Hornby and colleagues first conceived it in Japan in the 1930s (That URL may only point to the Yamada article for the time being, I think.)

The previous post on the OUP blog, also well worth a read, was on Effective professional development for English language teachers

3. Here’s a Pearson blog post I missed at the time from Mike Mayor, What’s the most effective way to learn English?

and here’s the panel discussion from this year’s ASU (Arizona State University) + GSV (Global Silicon Valley) Summit that informed Mike’s post, On the Edge of Proficiency: The Most Effective Forms of English Language Learning

Here’s more info on the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit

4. And, finally, The Hidden, Magnificent History of Chop Suey from Atlas Obscura. Often unfairly characterised as a “brownish, overcooked stew, strangely flavorless (sic), with no redeeming qualities, and redolent of bad school cafeterias and dingy, failing Chinese restaurants”, chop suey has a much more distinguished heritage

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