Thursday, 8th September (Zagreb)

1. Two from the ECML (European Centre for Modern Languages) in Graz:

a poll, Why learn a language?, which asks for your top three reasons for doing so

and a (fun but quite challenging!) game based on pictures with language clues, Where am I?

Lots more resources here  

2. The next Eaquals webinar is next Tuesday, 13th September at 10:00 UK time. Christopher Graham will be talking about 21st century skills and the climate crisis – encouraging student engagement. More info and registration here

“The global climate crisis requires clarity of thought, creativity, consideration, discussion, analysis and appropriate global collaborative action. Finding the solutions to the crisis and putting them into action needs the application of these 21st century skills. Given the international nature of the crisis, language teaching integrated with the skills is important. This seminar will explore how teaching content that introduces and practises the 21st skills around substantiality and environmental themes can be highly effective linguistically as well as motivating.”

3. Here’s the latest issue of EL Gazette, which includes an interview with Hayo Reinders, Mixed Motives for Language Learning?, and an article by Simon Dunton, Five Points to Keep in Mind When Teaching Online

4. And, finally, here’s a naughty medieval poem, one of my favourites from the Poems on the Underground series, which passed largely unremarked upon last time it was on the Tube

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