Thursday, 4th August

1. A good blog post by Bill Bowler for Oxford University Press (with some acceptable product placement!), 5 Golden rules to help students read English in their free time

“It’s better to read four short, simple, fun books than struggle with one long book that’s too hard”, says Bill.

2. Reading, it turns out, was the only area where attainment went up during the pandemic, according to the Department (Ministry) of Education for England’s ‘national headlines’ for Key stage 2 attainment  Everything else went down, in some cases quite a lot … PDF below.

3. The other three countries in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland Scotland and Wales all have their own departments of education. None of them seem to have done a similar exercise to the English one, though, or not that I can find.

4. And, finally, six short (five- or six-minute) videos in the English Teaching Talks series by Renee Selikowitz to watch on your own, with colleagues or with trainees, to help you select and use effective resources with your students, Managing resources

Other topics in the series include Integrating ICT with Nik Peachey

Assessing learning with Carolyn Westbrook and Richard Spiby

Learning Outside the Classroom with Claudia Rey

and Inclusion with Susan Douglas

Recommended dosage? One a day on the journey home from school!

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