Thursday, 14th July

1. Next Tuesday, 19th July, at 12:00 UK time, Simon Borg’s leading a webinar for teacher educators, looking at the competences they need to develop to support teachers online

It’s based on a research paper Simon wrote for the British Council PDF below, just in case.

2. And next Thursday, 21st July, at 12:00 UK time, George Chilton, the Creative Director at Hubbub Labs, is leading a webinar looking at going beyond teaching into a career in materials writing

“The question is,” says George, “is writing the pathway for you?”

3. I did my first f2f training session (for many years!) earlier today for NILE in Norwich with a group of French teacher educators, a comparative look at the Eaquals, Cambridge and British Council frameworks for teacher and teacher educator professional development. I put together a handout with the key links and I’ve attached it below. Some similarities; some differences!

4. And, finally, a podcast that will delight some of you and confuse slightly more of you completely, The Nightwatchman

And, no, a nightwatchman does not look after a factory overnight!

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