Thursday, 7th July

1. NATESOL’s next free webinar is this Saturday, 9th July at 10:00 UK time with Marijana Macis from Manchester Metropolitan University: Teaching Collocations in the EFL Classroom: New Insights from Research. How are collocations best taught?

More info and registration here

2. Also on Saturday, at 15:00 UK time, Gamification and Language Learning is the title of Deborah Healey’s Facebook Live event for Eduling International. What are the important considerations when games are used in the classroom?

More info and registration here

 3. The next Eaquals webinar is next Tuesday, 12th July at 10:00 UK time: Sue Hackett will be talking about Academic Integrity: issues, challenges and considerations for an online world. What is academic integrity and what does it mean for an international student in particular?

More info and registration here

4. And, finally and with apologies to those of you who never want to hear another word about Boris Johnson, something that may seem a little eccentric. I was walking home from the supermarket yesterday evening, listening to Far from the Madding Crowd and came across this description of Sergeant Troy, Bathsheba’s cad of a suitor, which rang a contemporary bell PDF below.

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