Wednesday, 25th May

1. Today, the plenary which opened the IATEFL conference in Belfast last week: Nayr Ibrahim on (Re)imagining and (re)inventing early English language learning and teaching. It starts 51 minutes into the video

I enjoyed it – including the red sofa – very much!

2. A recent short and very readable paper by Harry Fletcher-Wood of Teacher Tapp and Artur Tavere of the British Council on  ‘Instructional coaching – why it matters and how to make it matter’

From their conclusion: “It’s clear that our children’s success in school and beyond depends on improvements to teaching. And while instructional coaching may not be the miracle cure, and making it work for teachers can be challenging, it has proven to be a powerful strategy, supported by promising research evidence”. PDF below.

3. Teachers Talk Radio are looking for volunteers Come on, don’t be shy now: I can think of several readers of this message who’d be perfect!

4. And, finally, this week’s phobia is selenophobia. If you suffer from it, don’t watch this

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