Friday, 22nd April

1. The River Thames is now considered one of the world’s cleanest ‘city’ rivers, but only sixty years ago, it was declared “biologically dead”. Here’s the story of its resurrection

 2. At 16:00 UK time on Tuesday, 26th April, Tony Capstick will be giving the next University of Reading Applied Linguistics Research Circle’s weekly talk, on Non-formal education and ELT in Iraq.

As ever, please contact for the Zoom link. PDF of abstract below.

3. Time for another trawl through the LSE events calendar? Probably!

Topics include ‘Cannibal Capitalism’, ‘The Art and Science of Creating Good Luck’, ‘The Design of Communication Strategies’ and ‘Evacuating Women Judges in Afghanistan’.

4. April is Autism Awareness Month here in the UK. Here’s the Autism Education Trust’s website

One of the resources it offers is Top Tips, Strategies and Resources for Parents PDF below.

5. And, finally, I feel a bit of a charlie recommending this not so very good reading of a very good poem by Louise Gluck, Figs But I do think it’s a very good poem!

Here’s more of her poetry for you to read to yourself well

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