Wednesday, 30th March

1. Something I missed on first publication, good and thorough and well worth an initial skim before returning to the bits that pique your interest, the EU Communities of Practice Playbook

If it does what it says on the tin, that’ll do for me: “Communities of practice can bring groups with different knowledge perspectives together and can strengthen their capacity to work and learn creatively together while harnessing the collective intelligence in the organisation to deliver integrated policy work and overcome silo mentalities.” PDF below.

2. The Good Country Index – the end of the selfish state seeks to measure an individual country’s nett contribution to the world – what it puts in, minus what it takes out – and then ranks countries according to their nett contribution

Their preface makes it clear that they’re aware that not all readers around the world will buy in to their methodology. See what you think! (No PDF for this one, alas.)

3. The latest newsletter from TeachingEnglish arrived in my inbox this morning. Scroll right down this page if you’d like to subscribe for yourself and take a look at this one, Teaching pathways: Skills for remote teaching, in passing

4. This week’s phobia, alektorophobia, may not be one that many of us suffer from, but if you do, I could imagine it’s not much fun at all.

5. Today’s poem for Ukraine is To Whom It May Concern by Adrian Mitchell. Here’s a video of the young Mitchell reading his poem and here’s him reading the poem later in life There’s also a PDF below.

If you’d like to buy The Pity of War, Alan Maley’s anthology of poetry for Ukraine, and support charities working with Ukrainian refugees, you can do so here

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