Monday, 21st February

1. Something serious to start with today: ‘Caught between COVID-19, Coup and Conflict—What Future for Myanmar Higher Education Reforms?’ by Khaing Phyu Htut, Marie Lall and Camille Kandiko Howson Serious, yes,  but also readable, important and brave. PDF below.

2. ‘Decolonising Co-Design in International Teacher Education’ is easier said than done, say Kris Stutchbury and Clare Woodward from the UK Open University in this UKFIET blog post The world is full of good intentions subverted (typically) by the power imbalance between educator and educated. Explore the rest of the UKFIET blog while you’re there!

3. This free course starts today on Coursera: Teaching EFL/ESL Reading: A Task Based Approach Myrrh Domingo, Andrea Révész and Amos Paran are the tutors. 23 hours long, work at your own pace. Home-made PDF of course description below. 34,006 people had enrolled when last I looked but Amos assures me they can cope with many more!

4. Here’s the February edition of Humanising Language Teaching (HLT) from Pilgrims No geographical focus this time -a wonderfully global issue!

5. And, finally and a bit depressingly, here’s a story of online entrapment from The Markup

“The face-to-face comparison”, says one of the people interviewed for the article, “is a teacher walking around with the answer key and putting it on the corner of each desk and then penalizing students if they look over at it”.

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