Multilingual Thursday, 20th January

1. Thanks to Ann Veitch for this one: great new mini-site from the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) on Varieties of English

“The OED has always included words from across the English-speaking world. What’s changed – drastically – since the first edition (first published in fascicles – instalments – between 1884 and 1928) is the size and breadth of the English-speaking population.”

More on the history of the OED here

2. The new issue of Chatham House’s International Affairs journal is free to view, and it’s a special issue guest-edited by Jasmine K. Gani and Jenna Marshall on Race and Imperialism in International Relations: theory and practice

Here’s the editors’ introduction, ‘The impact of colonialism on policy and knowledge production in International Relations’ PDF below.

3. I’ve mentioned OASISOpen Accessible Summaries in Language Studies – before It aims to “make research on language learning, use, and education available and accessible to a wide audience.”

Try a search for ‘multilingualism[summary_general_research_area_sim][]=32&locale=en&q=&search_field=all_fields

or for ‘translanguaging

4. Eaquals are now running a series of webinars in languages other than English. Robert Martinez is opening the batting with Mejorando la interacción entre estudiantes en lecciones híbridas at 10:00 UK time next Monday, 24th January.

More info here

and registration here

5. And, finally, listen and read ‘On Pleasing’, read here by the author, Kimiko Hahn

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