Vaguely multilingual Thursday, 16th December

Not clever, to have used up most of my ‘multilingual’ material yesterday!

1. This looks likely to be both fun and complicated to organise, an online school debate festival organised by the QLS language school in Greece, supported by Eaquals

Open to learners of English as a foreign language aged 11-17 from around the world, with three CEFR levels and three debate topics:  B1 – This House believes all people should become vegetarians; B2 – This House believes mass tourism should be banned; C1/C2 – This House believes nuclear power should be banned.

The festival is in late March; you need to enter your students before the end of January. I’m not quite sure how they’ll stop C1 level learners entering for a lower level. PDF of mini-poster below.

2. The LSE has a rich programme of online events for the Lent Term

Your choice includes Anger on 17th January, Punishment on 31st January, 30 years of EU migration and asylum policies: success or failure? on 14th February (quite a lot of anger and punishment in that last one, too), and lots more besides. PDF below.

 3. Here’s a three hundred and thirty-two word long work of ‘microfiction’ by Álvaro Baquero-Pecin from this month’s issue of the Words without Borders magazine, Our Nueva York: Writing the City in Spanish

4. And, finally, thanks to Rose Aylett, something I’ve found fascinating and depressing in equal measure, given the apparent correlation between poverty and high data costs

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