Wednesday, 1st December

1. Straight question: Should education leaders be listening to children? That’s the title of this OECD blog post that reports that children are overwhelmingly positive about their early learning experience. So what goes wrong later, then?

2. Here’s the latest issue of The Teacher Trainer which remains free to read for this issue. I’d like to think – as does Phil Dexter, no doubt! – that reading this issue will encourage you to subscribe. “Our different realities in this edition are situated in a number of countries – Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Poland, Hungary, France and the UK.”

3. My own (admittedly limited) experience of teaching in a mainstream school definitely endorses the conclusions of the research reported on in this piece in The Guardian, Children harmed by school streaming into lower ability groups, UK study shows

“Primary school children who are placed in the bottom ability group in their class go on to show increased levels of hyperactivity and emotional problems throughout childhood and early adolescence, ground-breaking new research shows.”

4. I’m not sure whether this week’s phobia is good enough: atelophobia.

5. And, finally, Does Your Sense of Authority Fluctuate Throughout the Day? Here’s a ‘tip of the day’  from the Harvard Business Review – PDF below.

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