Multilingual Thursday, 11th November

1. First of all, an invitation from my colleague, Ann Veitch: “Please join our EME in HE research / publication dissemination event on Wednesday 1st December, 13.00-15.30 UK time. This is our ‘launch event’ for the British Council perspective on EME in HE, the global EMI in HE mapping study and the EME in HE current practice case studies in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. Link for registration and more details:“ I’ll remind you a bit nearer the time!

2. Next Thursday, 18th November, at 18:00 UK time there’s an online café in the Being Human festival with a focus on accent biases, where they come from and how they can be acknowledged and avoided. The café includes an ‘interactive accent bias experiment’ and a lightning talk on accent prejudice. More info and registration here    

3. Scroll down this page for recordings of the recent University College London Centre for Applied Linguistics EMI/EME events with Beatriz Gonzalez-Fernandez and Ernesto Macaro.

4. And, finally, a short video from Ready to Run that maybe not all of you will feel able to use in class plus accompanying learning pack (PDF below as well)

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