Multilingual Thursday, 14th October

1. Multilingualism and Speech and Language Therapy is the title of Mirjam Blumenthal’s talk for the European Speech and Language Therapy Association next Thursday, 21st October at 17:00 UK time. More info and registration here

“After a short introduction about bilingualism in child language acquisition, this webinar focuses on diagnostic work with multilingual children. Multilingual children need assessment in all the languages they speak/understand, ideally in all language aspects. Diagnostic instruments in many immigrant languages are rare, though.”

2. Also next Thursday, 21st October, but at 15:00 UK time is the next ECML webinar, on a Roadmap for supporting the language(s) of schooling. More info and registration here

“If you would like to find out about the benefits of a whole-school approach when it comes to the language of schooling, as well as tips on how to engage all stakeholders in your school community, then this webinar is for you.”

3. Mike Mena’s The social life of language website is a bit different: see what you make of it!

Mike’s latest video investigates whether bilingualism/multilingualism gives people an economic advantage, and do bilinguals get better jobs and paid more?

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel here

4. Here’s a piece from Monday’s HLT magazine on English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI): Developing Online and F2F Support Strategies at Verona University by Sharon Hartle and colleagues

“What emerged was a shifting of focus from lecturer linguistic competence to a concern for learner needs and what was innovative was the interest in combining traditional classroom practices with digital ones.”

5. And, finally, explore some of Canada’s indigenous languages here

And here’s an article on Truth and Reconciliation: Preserving and revitalizing Indigenous languages by Jacquelyn LeBel which gives a bit of the background

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