Climate Tuesday, 12th October

1. Both sides of the globe involved, exactly twelve hours apart, in this UK-Australia Higher Education Roundtable at 09:00 UK time on Thursday, 14th October, The importance of global expertise and local action in the fight against Climate Change More info and registration here

2. Heather Michael is giving a webinar for National Geographic Learning on the ‘three pillars of an International Baccalaureate (IB) education’ Combining International Mindedness, Interdisciplinary Instruction, and Service Learning in the English Classroom at 14:00 UK time on Wednesday 20th October (repeated at 02:00 UK time on Thursday 21st October, if that’s more convenient).

More info and registration link here I don’t think I’d worry overly much about that IB focus, if you’re not teaching IB – the IB travels quite well!

3. Ceri Jones and Katherine Bilsborough gave a very-well-received talk on Eco-literacy: What? Why? And How? as part of the series of talks TeachingEnglish put on for World Teachers’ (good apostrophe!) Day, and …

… you can find the recordings of all the talks here

4. And, finally and more seriously than usual, Education Cannot Wait is the global fund for education in emergencies and protracted crisis. Here’s their annual report for 2020 and here’s the executive summary if you’re in a hurry PDFs of whole report and of executive summary only below.

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