Multilingual-ish Thursday, 7th October

1. I’m not a very big fan of software like Flip Builder, but I am a fan of EL Gazette. Here’s a thought-provoking piece by Alice Rogers, Can we decolonialise TEFL? Ask flipping Flip Builder to take you straight to page 30!

2. “Who could have forecasted that internationalisation would transform from what has been traditionally considered a process based on values of cooperation, partnership, exchange, mutual benefits and capacity building to one that is increasingly characterised by competition, commercialisation, self-interest and status building?”, ask Jane Knight and Hans de Wit, the authors of this piece for University World News, What contribution has internationalisation made to HE?

3. Thanks to Ann for that last one, and thanks to Ian for this one from Times Higher Education (THE) by Anna McKie, How many international students is too many?

“International students are too easily framed, both inside and outside the sector, as a problem or a burden. They’re not. They’re just an absolute gift”, says one interviewee. (You’ll need to register to read; doesn’t take long.)

4. And thanks to Ann for this piece as well, by John Claughton for the Independent Education Today website on The Teaching of Languages

“The intelligent teaching of languages can address a number of key issues within the curriculum”, he says – if only more people here in the UK were listening.

5. And, finally, punctuation matters – a lot, says the UK Office for Students (OFS), who’ve written quite a serious report about commers and. Full. Stops; Assessment practices in English higher education providers: spelling, punctuation and grammar. PDF below.

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