Climate Tuesday, 5th October

1. A treasure trove from NILE: Education for Sustainable Development – curated resources and teaching materials

You’ll need to register if you haven’t already done so, which also now gets you access to all the Ready to Run videos!

2. Climate change and teacher professional development is the title of the British Council Education Exchange webinar at 16:00 UK time on Wednesday, 13th October with Matt Larsen-Daw

Matt’s the Education Manager for WWF-UK and has lots of good stuff on his own website Two examples of materials below (intended for students whose first language is English rather than a foreign language, I think, so don’t pay too much attention to the age of pupil suggested)

3.  An accessible piece on the role pancakes play in nuclear fusion from The New Yorker

4. And, finally, The Cactus That Came Back from the Dead, from the Canadian magazine The Walrus “If a cactus can want anything, Mammillaria tezontle likely wants to be left alone …”

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