Friday, 3rd September

1. Issue 57 of the European Language Gazette came out today:

Lara’s Language Journey across Europe booklet

Languages Tree

Language sounds Includes numbers from 1 to 10 in 46 different languages (if I counted right).

You can’t hold it against the European Centre for Modern Languages that they’re Euro-centred, I think. Might these examples from Europe translate into similar exercises in other parts of the world?

PDFs of the booklet and the tree below.

2. Teacher Tapp this week covers the controversial topics of which kind of marker pen, the bullet tip or the chisel tip, is most popular and which timetable layout, days across the top or lessons across the top, works best

3. The Noirwich – there’s a pun there, it’s not my spelling – festival of crime writing starts next Thursday, 9th September

Lots of free events, including David Peace talking about Murder in Tokyo at 19:00 UK time on Saturday, 11th September.

4. And, finally, follow the links on this page through to a short story or poem or extract from each of the 11 Asian women writers listed

Some good stuff – try the two Korean writers, Kyung-sook Shin and Keum Suk Gendry-Kim.

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