Thursday, 29th July

This is the inaugural Multilingual Thursday weekly message. (I may need some help remembering, Ann!)

1. The OUP EMI & CLIL Toolkit, full of lesson ideas to raise awareness of all the languages and dialects available in almost every classroom, just arrived in my inbox. Link here and PDF below for convenience

2. And here’s the TeachingEnglish publication, Using multilingual approaches: moving from theory to practice – A resource book of strategies, activities and projects for the classroom. Three sections: first, some light-touch theoretical background; second, practical classroom activities; third, further resources. Link here and PDF below

3. The Arctic Council has just launched its Revitalising Arctic Indigenous Languages campaign How many indigenous languages are spoken in the Arctic? 20? 50? 100? Read the piece and find out! The United Nations Decade of Action for Indigenous Languages begins next year.

4. The Welsh Government measures national well-being using a sophisticated set of 46 indicators, two of which – numbers 36 and 37 – relate to knowledge of and use of the Welsh language

Ask your students what a similar set of indicators to measure national well-being – happiness! – in your country might be?

5. And, finally, a survey that I’m not entirely convinced by on the best city in the world to study

Here’s a note on methodology

and here’s the full list

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