Wednesday, 14th July

1. When I was in primary school, handwriting was a very big deal – we spent hours practising our letters. Years of keyboard work later, I can now hardly write a legible sentence. Just as well I learnt to read before I lost the ability to write, it seems, according to this article on the ScienceAlert website

Here’s a piece on The Importance of Teaching Handwriting from the Reading Rockets website

2. Here’s a free set of learning materials from Nik Peachey, Image Scenarios – The Phone Call, designed to enable students to develop influencing skills and deal with unpredictable situations Enter the code PHONE to get them free.

3. Last thing on football for this month, promise, without further comment:

4. This week’s phobia, courtesy of my colleague Marta, is the self-fulfilling hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia – nothing to do with hippopatam(i)(uses)!

5. And, finally, now I’ve run out of Zambian music, here’s Efe Ce Ele from Argentina

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