Friday, 9th July

1. ReadListenLearn have added comprehension questions to some of their stories, most of which already have an audio version

Here’s a science fiction story, The Ablest Man in the World, by Edward Page Mitchell, a one-eyed writer I’d never heard of till earlier this afternoon!

2. Here’s Alexandra Mihai’s latest blog post, ePortfolio: a student-centred learning space As ever, lots of references and links to follow.

What is an ePortfolio exactly? Alexandra defines it as a “personal learning space”, “a collection of materials that documents student accomplishments. Unlike an analogue portfolio, a digital portfolio allows for the inclusion of different media (video, audio, infographics, etc.), thereby providing students with various means of expression as well as the possibility to easily connect resources and ideas.”

3. Scottish Documentary Institute (SDI) films “tackle a whole host of subject matters, all inspired by strong human stories.” There’s ever such a lot to explore here in the film archive:

Try this one

4. And, finally, the latest MARSM playlist, #38: A Taste Of Music From Amman

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