Wednesday, 30th June

1. Good notice of this one, as previous SHAPE events have booked out quickly: The Future of Schools, daily from 12th to 16th July. More info here and registration here Recordings and notes (and cartoons!) of past SHAPE events here

2. I mentioned The Teacher Trainer journal back in October, in the context of Tessa Woodward’s retirement as editor after thirty-four years. It’s now got a spanking new editor, Phil Dexter, and you can learn about his plans for the journal here (and download for free a number of recent issues) PDFs below of the last issue and the index to articles since 2016.

3. I spent a year teaching at Mount Herman School in Darjeeling between school and university which I often look back on as my tipping point between childhood and adulthood, and I’ve been reading about India ever since: here’s one ‘long read’, by Amartya Sen, on the British legacy in India, Illusions of Empire and here’s another, by William Dalrymple, on The East India Company: The original corporate raiders

4. You’ll need to explore this Bradford Literature Festival programme, to find out what’s free and what’s not This morning’s Sylvia Plath event was free and I’m pretty sure that tomorrow’s event on Dara McAnulty is also free

5. This week’s phobia, courtesy of my colleague Marta, is pagotophobia. She says I clearly don’t suffer from it!

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