Wednesday, 9th June

1. Spotted by my colleague Ann: the publication Grading Goal Four, edited by Antonia Wulff from Education International (who I mentioned a few weeks ago), reviews the progress we’ve made to date towards Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for all and promote lifelong learning

PDF of the introductory chapter below, to give you chance to decide if you want to spend your data on downloading the whole book, which you’ll also find a PDF of below.

2. The next OECD webinar, How can education recover from the pandemic effectively and equitably? is at 11:30 UK time on Friday, 11th June. More info and registration here The speakers include Anna Ekström, the Swedish Minister of Education, and Susan Hopgood, the President of the organisation that’s now behaving a bit like a London bus, Education International. (You wait ages for a London bus and then three come along one after the other!)

3. Also on 11th June, at 12:00 UK time, the next Language and Sustainable Development Webinar, with Leketi Makalela & Clarah Dhokotera talking about To know and to be of ubuntu translanguaging: Towards multilingual multilingualism for decoloniality and sustainable development in Africa More info and registration here

I hesitate to translate ‘ubuntu’, so here’s a short video from Mpho Tutu instead

4. 10 Reflections from Online Teaching from Tyler Tennant on the HASTAC blog  Tyler’s sixth reflection is one I think I’ve touched on before: Providing video feedback is a handy – and faster – method than providing hand-written or typed feedback.

Here’s more about HASTAC itself

5. And, finally, this week’s phobia is one that must make life difficult if you’re a teacher, glossophobia. But I don’t believe the stat that says 75 % of us suffer from it to a significant degree – a little preparatory nervousness, fine and necessary, but not a phobia!

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