Wednesday, 19th May

1. This one, recommended by my colleague Adam, won’t be around for ever, he says: the Association for Learning Technology‘s 12th annual conference for Open Education research, practice and policy

Adam recommends you click on whatever takes your fancy in the programme here and follow your nose. If, like me, you’re a bit less of a digital native than Adam and find the home page doesn’t behave as you’re expecting it to when you click repeatedly on the picture of the TV, the menu’s in the top right-hand corner and it will take you here and here Be sure to scroll across – the programme covers more than two screens’ worth breadth-wise.

There’s probably another, simpler word for ‘breadth-wise’ that I’ve forgotten – maybe ‘across’? I’m enjoying listening to Rajiv Jhangiani’s closing plenary right now.

2. We’re now bang in the middle of the Cambridge English ‘Insights on Demand’ event which runs from 18th to 20th May. Here’s the very rich library of resources for the event and here’s the programme, just in case you get chance to pop in today or tomorrow

3. More than thirty million people worldwide have watched this short talk on ‘A Counterculture of Commitment’ by Pete Davis; I’m hoping some of you haven’t yet. This page has both video and transcript Are you stuck in what Pete calls Infinite Browsing Mode? His claim is that the defining characteristic of our generation is keeping our options open (and avoiding commitment).

4. And, finally, look away now if you suffer from turophobia. If you don’t, you’ll enjoy these two short films and

More of the same here

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