Friday, May 7th

1. NILE’s report on ‘hybrid learning’ – will all learning be hybrid in future, I wonder? If you want to watch the recording of the discussion, which is good, you’ll need to register – but that’s free. PDF below.

2. Maybe not all for everyone, but something here for nearly everybody? The Queen’s University Belfast BAAL/CUP Seminar on Research Synthesis

3. Some recent pieces from The Conversation:

i) Artificial Intelligence’s best chat up lines

ii) how companies are spying on home workers

iii) has the human race reached peak intelligence?

4. If I could have made the link work, I’d have included some rather good British Council Nepal radio programmes, but I couldn’t, so please forgive me a piece of self-indulgence: me – 1’28” in – and my daughter Emily – 59’15” in – talking about living between two cultures, Britain and Croatia

5. And, finally, Dive into some Scottish Ballet

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