Monday, 26th April

1. Just in time, I hope: English Australia have a webinar at 09:00 UK time tomorrow, Tuesday 27th April, at which Judit Kormos from Lancaster University will be talking about Inclusive practices for learning differences She’ll be discussing practical strategies to use inside and outside the classroom and how teachers can adapt materials to aid inclusion. NB! You need to register.

2. Reallyenglish are offering thirty days free access to their online IELTS course, which offers 180 hours of IELTS-focused English language self-study That adds up to six hours a day for the length of the free trial, by my reckoning!

3. Stacks of good stuff in the latest European Language Gazette including this roadmap for schools to support the language(s) of schooling

4. And, finally, if you think you won’t be overly annoyed by its primary focus on Europe and the USA, you might like to road test The Knowledge daily newsletter: Lively and well-written, geographical focus notwithstanding! Here’s today’s front page

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