Thursday, 22nd April

1. Next Tuesday, 27th April at 15:00 UK time sees the next ECML webinar, on “The future of language education – learning lessons from the pandemic” The webinar will present the preliminary findings of the ECML’s survey of how more than 1,700 language teaching professionals and their students in more than 40 countries responded to the challenges presented by the pandemic.

2. It’s always good to see things through the slightly wider MFL (Modern Foreign Languages) lens in addition to the monofocal ELT lens, which is the one through which the British Council was looking when it drew up these two reports on ELT teaching and learning worldwide during the pandemic PDFs of both monofocal reports below.

3. ‘Designing for Agency in the Digital Classroom’ is the next OUP webinar: Two editions, one at 09:30 UK time and the other at 17:30 UK time on Wednesday, 28th April, in which Paul Driver “will explore the fundamental role of agency in learning and teaching”.

4. Hot off the press, the new issue of EL Gazette includes a gently provocative piece by Marko Modiano from Gävle University in Sweden on the rise of European English at the expense of British (or American) English – “With the British out of Europe, there are no longer hordes of language watchdogs in the EU” – and a report on the Hands Up Project’s work in Palestine. Here’s their website as well

5. And, finally, there’s a nice piece on The Conversation website on the big ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal I’ve not been able to verify the rumour that it’s now heading for the Panama Canal …

Their podcast this week is about dinosaurs!

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