Wednesday 14th April

1. Chris Sowton is giving a webinar for TeachingEnglish at 12:00 UK time tomorrow, 15th April, on Teaching in Challenging Circumstances

which is also the title of the book that Chris published recently with Cambridge University Press. Here’s more info about the book on Chris’s own site

2. In pursuit of their mission, ‘free thinking for the world’, openDemocracy ruffle governmental feathers globally

Here’s a short film that George Monbiot produced for them recently, ‘It’s time to bail out the planet’, that might go down well in class, I think Bail out the planet this time, says Mr Monbiot, not the banks!

3. Rangina Hamidi has, without doubt, one of the more challenging Minister of Education jobs around the world, in Afghanistan. Here’s an inspiring interview with her from Education Cannot Wait

4. Back by popular request, a bit more Bach from the Dunedin Consort and the Cambridge Music Festival Available from 18:00 UK time today!

5. And, finally, this weeks’ phobia, anthophobia. If you suffer from it, do not look at the photo below that I took on my lunchtime walk today!

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