Monday 12th April

1. As I’m sure most of you worked out, there was no message on Friday because Prince Philip died that morning, at the end of a very long and interesting life. Here’s The Guardian‘s long and interesting obituary:

“Things did not work out that badly,” says The Guardian, despite Philip’s initial belief “that a life of walking several steps behind his wife, curbing his opinions – though not always his tongue – and being an appendage to the institution, without even being able to pass on his surname to his children, would turn him into ‘nothing but a bloody amoeba’”.

2. This, from UNESCO, seems almost too good to be true, certainly less bureaucratic than one might (unfairly?) expect. They’ve just published a comprehensive report on Ensuring effective distance learning during COVID-19 disruption: guidance for teachers [PDF below] and they’re inviting applications for funding for events to help disseminate the report in a very straightforward manner with one simple form

Applications close on 15th April, and I wonder whether English teacher associations might like to apply (and be well placed to do so)?

 3. I follow up on a lot of the tips in Stephen Downes’s daily newsletter, OLDaily. Here’s his website and here’s the link to subscribe His primary focus is on online learning and educational technology, but he often, interestingly, strays off the beaten track. His website has a Quick Tech Guide to Creating an Online Class or Conference that’s well worth a look PDF below.

4. And, finally, here’s a golden oldie RSA animation of a Dan Pink talk on ‘Drive: the surprising truth about what motivates us’ If, like me, you’re a really sad person who can’t miss a typo, you’ll spot one – well, I spotted only one, albeit unwillingly. Let me know what typo and where and I’ll send you a copy of Philip Kerr’s Metropolis – I’m being encouraged to downsize my library!

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