Wednesday 7th April

1. Oxford University Press (OUP) are currently running a ‘feature’ on learner agency which I don’t think is quite the same thing as learner autonomy. PDF of their Learner Agency: Maximizing Learner Potential position paper attached below, in case that’s easier for you, and do explore the rest of the stuff on that page.

Diane Larsen Freeman is giving a webinar on Learner Agency at 01:00 UK time on 15th April There’s also a webinar at 15:00 UK time on 14th April, but that seemed to be full as soon as it was advertised, so best be quick signing up for the 01:00 one if that time suits you.

2. Video on or video off, that is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler to suffer visibility …. Here’s a blog post by Donald Clark discussing a Carnegie Mellon University paper by Maria Tomprou and colleagues that found that “Visual cues have no effect on collaborative work. In fact, teams without visual presence were more successful, not only in synchronising their vocal cues but also speaking in turns and solving problems.”

PDF of the Tomprou paper, Speaking out of turn: How video conferencing reduces vocal synchrony and collective intelligence, attached below if you fancy a go at it yourself.

3. There has to be a lesson in here somewhere, doesn’t there?

4. This week’s phobia is one that I wish I suffered from, obesophobia …..

5. And, finally, here’s the trailer for a wonderful North Macedonian film, Honeyland, that we watched last weekend: Worth watching in its own right but do catch the film if you can!

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