Friday 26th March

1. David Malpass is the President of the World Bank Group, which makes him an important person in all our futures, I guess. He’s giving a talk for the LSE at 17:30 UK time on Monday, 29th March on Tackling the COVID-19 Pandemic of Inequality to Build a Green, Inclusive, & Resilient Recovery I know nothing of Mr Malpass, but I’d love to think he’s a man of vision, passion and humanity – we can find out on Monday!

2. Pauline Rose of the Research for Equitable Access and Learning (REAL) Centre here in Cambridge has just published a report on Exploring the School to Work Transition for Adolescent Girls, which begins “If countries are to grow and prosper in a way that improves the lives of everyone, they need to make a special commitment to supporting one of the most vulnerable sections of the population: marginalised adolescent girls”.

Here’s a handy summary Download link here and PDF attached below.

3. Is the lecture dead? This article’s answer to that question would seem to be yes, more or less!

4. I thought this was rather good:

5. And, finally, the latest Marsm playlist, this time of Sudanese music, curated by the London-resident Sudanese creative artist Basma Khalifa and here’s a link to the most recent of Basma’s own monthly shows on NTS Radio (which I’ve just discovered)

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