Friday 12th March

1. My intention today is to not mention a single webinar: let’s see! (And let’s see also whether some of my more particular colleagues object to the formulation ‘to not mention’.)

Are you suffering from Zoom fatigue? What’s your personal rating on the ZEF scale? More info here and a link to the Stanford University survey to assess your ZEF rating here PDF of the research paper below. I scored 37 on the ZEF scale …

2. DEAR is a movement that appears to be gaining popularity in schools here in the UK – to judge by the number of mentions it’s received recently. Here’s two blog posts about it and

3. If you’re into Donna Leon and her urbane Venetian detective, Commissario Guido Brunetti then you might like to pop in to Daunt Books tomorrow – well, their YouTube page – to watch an interview with her Not available till tomorrow.

4. There’s an Inuit Film Night at 18:00 UK time on Sunday evening at the Polar Museum here in Cambridge as part of their Big Freeze Polar Art festival: Free tickets available here: You need to register but once you’ve done so, you can watch the films at your convenience for the next 24 hours.

The film night is a partnership between the Polar Museum and the Native Spirit Foundation:

5. And, finally, a friend sent me this: See what you make of it. I’m not sure how serious the science underpinning it is …

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