Wednesday 10th March

1. A little flurry of webinars to start with. First, this coming Friday, 12th March, the next webinar offered by the Lancaster Literacy Research Centre (LLRC) is by Gee Macrory on New Orthographies in the Primary Languages Classroom and the challenges they pose for young language learners. More details and booking here:

The LLRC has an interestingly eclectic back catalogue of webinars here:

2. My British Council colleagues in Uzbekistan have been under-publicising an interesting series of webinars in conjunction with the Uzbek Ministry of Education and the Norwich Institute of Language Education (NILE) on English Medium Education. The next one is on Friday, 12th March, at 10:00 UK time You’ll need to scroll down the page a little.

3. Every NATESOL webinar comes with a free joke, courtesy of Tony Picot. NATESOL’s next webinar is at 10:00 UK time on Saturday, 13th March: Learners as Partners: Voices from Different Contexts ~ a learner-centred discussion hosted by Alex Holloway & Clare Courtney from NATESOL. Please register before the end of your Thursday here

Tony’s latest? ‘I was teaching grammar last week. Asked a student to give me two pronouns. She said, “Who? Me?”’ Stop groaning at the back and please don’t let the joke inform your decision on whether or not to attend the webinar!

4. There’s a good lesson to do with interpreting graphs and data in this OECD report somewhere: and, if you need it, you’ll find guidance on creating lesson materials AND publishing them here on Macmillan Education’s one stop english site This page is free to view – not all are – but you need to register.

5. And, finally, who suffers from zymocenosilicaphobia? Hands up!

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