Friday 5th March

1. Podcasts, webinars and blog posts from Pearson under the banner of Experiences: ‘a fresh look at important questions’ that aims ‘to come up with new answers’:  The four topics addressed are critical thinking, STEAM (not the kind that comes out of your kettle), mindfulness and career skills.

Also from Pearson, Warm Up:  No need to take PTE, but Pearson don’t mind if you do!

2. One for your science-inclined students to explore:  I suggest they start with the Smashing Stereotypes page:

3. From the Royal Opera House here in London starting on Monday 8th March, a week-long celebration of International Women’s day: Maybe start with this one on Monday?

4. A wonderfully eclectic Eastern and Central Europe one-hundred-book-long reading list from The Calvert Journal, starting with The Life Written by Himself, written by the Archpriest Avvakum in prison in Siberia in 1660, through to F Letter: New Russian Feminist Poetry, edited by Galina Rymbu, Eugene Ostashevsky, and Ainsley Morse in 2020:

The only favourite of mine who appears – to my surprise – to be missing from the list is the Austrian writer Joseph Roth. Here’s a piece about Roth by his long-time UK champion, Michael Hofmann: Tell me if I missed Roth in the list, please!

5. And, finally, 8 professions that are hiring more people in 2021, according to LinkedIn:  I’m investing in #7!

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