Wednesday 3rd March

1. The Culture for Sustainable and Inclusive Peace Network Plus (CUSP) will launch itself (!) next Monday at 14:00 UK time: In their own words, CUSP aims to “strengthen artistic and cultural institutions in low- and middle-income countries so that they can become a reference point for the identification and transformation of social conflict whilst ensuring equal participation of women and girls in this process”. Pop in next Monday to find out more!

2. Tomorrow, Thursday 4th March, at 14:00 UK time you can join a webinar led by the Hoopla-Macmillan Education Brazil Garden Project team, Local Innovation Award winners at last year’s ELTons: Nothing to do with plastic detectives – I think! Link to Hoopla here and to Macmillan Education Brazil here

3. A quick reminder of the Gender in Language Education courses that start next Monday:  PDF of course flyer attached below – please share widely!

4. The British Association of Applied Linguistics (BAAL) has just published issue 118 of its newsletter. The ‘B’ in BAAL is a bit of a misnomer: this issue has a piece  on ‘Tracing the causes of the rise of English as an international language’ by Anna Kristina Hultgren from the Open University here in the UK, a report from Brazil on ‘Why and how the Rio Exploratory Practice Group is surviving in the pandemic’, and a review of Jim McKinley and Heath Rose’s Doing Research in Applied Linguistics (DRAL) series for Routledge: PDF copy of newsletter below.

5. There’ll be a word for this week’s phobia, hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia. That word is not onomatopoeic but something similar, to describe words that embody their own meanings. And, no, hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia was not in the MS Word dictionary – so I hope I’ve spelt it right!

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