Friday 26th February

1. More on accents, including Glaswegian, courtesy of my colleague Christine, Sadie Ryan’s wonderful podcast all about accents and perceptions of accents and language and identity, Accentricity

2. More sounds to explore over the weekend, the latest New York Times list of recommended podcasts All human life is there!

‘All human life is there’ used to be the claim made by the News of the World – the newspaper, not the film:

3. Something more sombre, the Annual International Migration and Forced Displacement Trends and Policies Report for the G20, which notes the impact of the pandemic on migration and displacement. The numbers may look better but they aren’t really. Link here and I’ve attached a copy of both the whole document AND the executive summary only below.

4. From the ever-surprising World Economic Forum website, Black historical figures who shook the world, from a warrior queen to a Mexican president

5. And, finally, a great piece of writing by the Japanese writer Kenzaburō Ōe

He’s led an interesting and principled life:

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