Wednesday 10th February

1. A repeat of this morning’s message for those that didn’t get it earlier about Macmillan Education’s Advancing Learning Global Teachers’ Festival which began on Monday and runs till Friday 19th February: Two sessions each day, each repeated two or three different times in the course of the day, so everyone that wants to gets chance to attend. PDF of programme attached below.


2. This looks likely to be a great event at 20:30 UK time next Monday, 15th February as part of the Northern Ireland Science Festival with Jane Goodall, famous for her pioneering chimpanzee conservation work:–in-conversation-with-dr-jane-goodall-dbe-tara-shine-and-anna-kernahan

Here’s the link to register

and here’s the Jane Goodall Institute website: Jane first travelled to Gombe Forest in Tanzania in 1960, the same year that she made the discovery that chimpanzees make and use tools.

3. Lots of good stuff here in the British Council TeachingEnglish Teacher Educator Newsletter, including yoga, storytelling and communities of practice in Egypt and globally, plus several surveys, at least one of which is bound to pique your interest enough for you to complete it:

4. If you missed – as you almost certainly did, given the notice I gave you – the Hay Festival event with Francis Spufford yesterday evening (during which he wore a hat indoors, which would have upset my grandmother), here’s the BBC Radio ‘Book at Bedtime’ version of his novel, Light Perpetual: It’s a good, accessible listen so far.

Also from Hay, free access for this week only to the recording of Bernardine Evaristo’s interview with Pilar Quintana at Hay Cartagena last month:

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