Wednesday 3rd February

1. You’re still in time to sign up for this free three-hour course on Teaching with minimal resources, which started this Monday:

There’s a puritan streak in me that thinks that – within reason, of course – minimal is always better! The course is available until 12th February and a free certificate of completion is available.

2. IATEFL and its SIGs continue to offer a wealth of free events. Check out the programme, which includes How to ‘Grammar’ online on 6th March and Creating ELT materials with no words (or very few) on 20th February, here:

3. If you get chance to see the film The Dig, do take it. It’s the story of the discovery in 1939 of the Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon royal burial ship site by amateur archaeologists and their clash with professional, carpet-bagging archaeologists from Cambridge University.

The British Museum is now home to the Sutton Hoo treasure and they’ve just issued a really well-illustrated blog post, with photos from the time and stills from the film, about the film of the find and the reality of the find: Less gap between film and reality than is often the case!

The Sutton Hoo site is now managed by the National Trust: I love that helmet on the first page!

4. And, finally, normal Wednesday phobia service is resumed with cynophobia, prompted by a horrific story I read last night involving two Rottweilers and a postman in the lane just round the corner from us which provoked a brief bout of cynophobia in me …

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