Wednesday 20th January

1. However excited I got yesterday about the American English ‘ization’ variant, lots of good publications use it, including Language Magazine:

Here’s three recent articles: the first one, which could be – but isn’t – entitled ‘From the ridiculous to the sublime’. Betsy DeVos’s successor as USA Education Secretary is Miguel Cardona. If he can’t make a decent fist of the job with the CV he has, we might as well all go home:

The second is a forthrightly political piece from Deborah Short, the President of TESOL, which will land markedly better with Secretary Cardona than his predecessor:

The third, A Voice for English Teachers in Africa, is by the founder of Africa TESOL, Okon Effiong:

2. The next Eaquals webinar, at 14:00 UK time on Tuesday 26th January, will be led by a man with a big job, Dr David Bish, Director of Academic Management at EF Education First: Making your materials work for you in the online classroom. Hope this URL is NOT only a test one:

3. After my embolism scare, I’m taking much more, more regular exercise. Here’s a piece from The Conversation with which I agree wholeheartedly: I used to get upset at having to move out of the way of an oncoming jogger, but now I’m just used to it.

4. And, finally, here’s the story of the man who threw away £230 million pounds’ worth of bitcoin seven years ago but still entertains hopes of finding it: Especially useful if, like me, you don’t quite get what bitcoin is!

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